Editor’s Note: What is marriage according to you?Can you draw a good analogy? Is it like old wine or a spicy pickle? Our member zipzipzoomzoom feels it is like a rough diamond that needs polishing. What’s your favorite marriage analogy? Share it with us here. 

I read that marriage is a diamond in the rough. First few years need polishing and hard work, and years later it become a glistening, shiny, and priceless diamond. This is good reminder for newly weds, especially the insecure ones

Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff: If you ask your Husband to do something and he forgets or doesn’t want to do it, just let it go

Empathize with husband. If he’s cranky, it’s not always because of you. Understand your circumstances, there are times we go through rough patches

Never text when you are angry. NEVER NEVER EVER: I learned this the hard way, and was crying about this the whole day. I had blown a minor thing out of proportion. Instead of praying to God, I made poor choice and had to pick up pieces afterwards

People you didn’t like make the best allies: I had a turbulent relationship with my mom, and now I realize it was because of my own immaturity and misconceptions. She really gives great advice, and helps my dear husband

When God made all of us, He included Himself in the masterpiece: We are all made in the image of God. If you husband doesn’t have job, or is unable to get good job, you look beyond that and see his potential. Even better, you begin to realize your own potential as a spirit who is having human experiences

People you liked make the worst allies: This is not intentional, but people in unhappy marriages feel they need to give you marriage advice, only for you to feel reduced to size and hopeless

This brings me to my last point

Look to God, because He gives you all you need: This is something we have to learn, and it will take many many lifetimes (source Bhagavad Gita). When you feel reduced to size and hopeless always remind yourself that God is bigger and God has final say in your marriage!