A wonderful story by VIJAYALAKSHMI06

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Have you given a thought of who is special in your life? How many answers did your mind give? If you didn’t question this before, it’s not too late yet. Find out the answer and share it to that person. The only way to make the special ones happy is to tell them how special they are for you. See the spark of light in them when they hear it from you. 

I am Aarti. Here are a few beautiful sparkling moments that happened one day. 

I was at my hometown. Being with friends brings tons and tons of memories back to alive again. We don’t feel like they had passed a long back. I feel it as those were all happened just yesterday. After 6yrs, we had all met in a Get-together. We had planned it since long time. We took care of this right timing in order to not to miss anyone and we were successful. All the 40members in our class are here now in our class in the same school where 6yrs years before we all shared our memories there. 

It’s really a great time to be with them again. We are all school mates. Now, graduates. Some were got into business, some are going to higher studies, and some are in search of jobs where some are already started working and some still have their offer letters. Few also got married. But, everyone is on the same stage starting their new careers, which would take them to the reality world. This is the turning point in every individual’s life. But, giving this type of lecture at the times when all are having fun will be really boring. No matter how grownup we are, we will go back to the days when we have spent together. Everyone was having fun and hope this will be the most memorable day in everyone’s dairy. I wanted this time to freeze here. 

When I was lost in my thoughts like this, suddenly, Rohit, one of my friends went to stage and made an announcement. 

“Hello all. We don’t need any introductions now I guess. We all met to share somememories that we shared or we missed later. I hope this day would become a special day to all of us. So, let’s not waste this precious time and start doing something memorable. This whole day is ours. Come up with different ideas where all can cherish and enjoy.” He said with a bright smile and everyone started to think about ideas. There was a huge discussion going on in both boys and girls. It’s was same like the discussion times when teacher asks for some ideas for annual day. I laughed at this memory. It didn’t take much time.