Editor’s Note: Innumerable discussions where the daughter in law cribs about her in-laws not being good to her or not understanding her. But this one is different. One of our members, arthimahalakshm, tells us that she really misses her in-laws. have you ever felt like her? Then share your stories with us here. 

After reading so many threads about mil-dil,a question arose in me. As i don’t have pil is it a blessing or curse.

My association with my pil lasted only for two years and during those two years also no big issues happened. They were very simple and expected me to become their daughter as they didn’t have any daughter. May be the experience with them is different for my elder co-sis as she was married 10 years before mine. When i got married my fil was a retired govt employee and both of them were in their late sixties.

According to me the fact of old age might have made them to be over possessive about their daughters in law rather than their sons. Ao they allowed us to enjoy our personal life with our spouse.

But they expected us to give the first place over our parents and to achieve this they treated me as their own dd. Here i must say i didn’t even boil a glass of water for my dd in my mil’s kitchen in the native place till she was alive.

Whenever i visited her she cooked;when she visited us she cooked and fed me by saying you have to cook in your place all alone.so enjoy my cooking and take rest.
so it is true that i started enjoying to visit my pil.

All of a sudden one bad morning brought us a news that my pil met with an accident.without knowing what happened to them we headed to our native city by a car which normally takes 6 hrs.while having a cup of coffee in a motel on the highway through AIR news we came to know about the details of the accident which revealed about the death of 3 elderly people.it was a shock for me and husband as we were informed that nothing serious.

My inhibitions told me that both of them or any one of them might have died on the spot.when we reached the hospital,my mil’s bro informed us that my mil died on the spot and pm was going on.we found my fil in a coma stage.there after he struggled for six months and expired.

When i saw my mil’s dead body a cry calling her ‘amma’ came out from me and i felt something cut between me and her;needless to stay that i cried a lot in the kitchen as i had to cook during the entire stay as my co-sis was busy in rituals.

Now 14 years passed and tomorrow is my fil’s death anniversary day. Whether my husband follows the rituals or not,i strictly observe fast on their death day.