Editor’s Note:You love your mother’s cooking? or maybe the way she gives you a head massage? Hire her! Don’t be surprised. It is slowly becoming a trend now. Our member Anandchitra shares her thoughts on this. You can too. Write in to us here.

My son since when he was a toddler always wanted to only eat my cooking. As he grew up he declared I am the best cook there is and said he was going to hire me to become his personal chef. Which mother would not want to be endeared so by her child? I did walk in cloud nine thinking this was a growing phase!

Now it seems this is becoming a trend.

Perez Hilton a celebrity blogger hired his mother for personal tasks such as walking the dog and getting gas in the car. She gets paid and he says he has more time to focus on business and they can spend some time together as well.

Book publisher Nadeau hired her mother Marie as an editor. Graphics design firm owner Amon hired his mother Linda to do his bookkeeping.

Hiring your own mother does not appear as farfetched as I thought it would be. There is always a strong bond between mother and child and who better to look after the best interests than mom herself.

There are many advantages as a mother gets to spend quality time with her adult child and look out for the interests of her son or daughter at the same time.

I admit I have some (read more) prejudice in this line of thinking. The mother might even be privy to office / client gossip which she can pass it on to her adult kid. Well there is also a thin line for mother to walk as she needs to learn to be less meddlesome and interfering, bossy and nosy. On the other hand she also cannot be over protective.
I have decided to use the time that I have now to learn the ropes so to speak.

If I can successfully handle not being nosy, bossy or sassy maybe then I might get hired as my son’s personal chef.

Even Krishna has employed a few handles below the belt to ensure him results. I am also going to employ some of those tactics.

Looking at the brighter side I can cook healthy meals for my son and being efficient in so many cuisines from around the world I might even get to travel along. The best is yet to be. I will be privy to his personal life and have firsthand knowledge of who’s who in his front.

One more bonus to this scheme is that I can evade the proverbial daughter-in-law and mother-in-law fights as I would be interacting away from home.

I strongly suspect I might have stumbled onto something here which I should patent for my use. Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for this trend to become fashion and Voila! , I am in business with kiddo.