You are finally facing the interviewer(s). Be calm and focused and smile politely. And, remember a few things.

Demeanour and Etiquettes

  • Wish the interviewer and take a seat only when offered. Candidates have been known to be rejected for overlooking simple etiquettes.


  • Shake hands with the interviewer only if you are comfortable with it. A man will, or should wait, for the woman to shake hands. But, if the interviewer extends his hand, do not hesitate with the handshake.  
  • Be alert and observe your surroundings. The information the companies put up in the meeting area always helps.
  • Look the interviewer in the eye and show confidence.
  • Be humble in your responses and sound as if you really want this job (even if it is not your first choice), while not sounding desperate.

Common Questions or Situations you should be prepared for:

Remember to brush up on any technical knowledge expected of you. 

  • Tell us something about yourself. A most common opening question, this sets the pace for the interview. Be precise, stick to professional details, highlight key achievements, especially if they are relevant to the current job.
  • What are the uptakes you carry from your previous assignment(s). Mention any skill sets or any management lessons you learnt.
  • Why did you leave your job / why do you want to leave your job. Be honest, it is the best policy. Do not be negative about your last employer. Mention any possible negatives as positively as you can. Be honest about any personal reasons that you might have had (distance, family commitments, kids etc).
  • Give examples of your various skill sets on
    • Team work / handling team members
    • Crisis management
    • Multi-tasking etc.