A job interview is the first impression an interviewee makes on a prospective employer and also gives her a chance to size-up the company. Let us talk about what you can expect from an interview and also make a good first impression, which as we all know is very important.

How do you make a good impression? Here are some tips, ranging from demeanour to our discussions during this all important meeting.

Be presentable; your appearance and demeanour says a lot about you.

Dress well

  • Since you do not know the dress code followed in the company, it is always better to play it safe and dress formally and conservatively for an interview. No casuals. 
  • Wear a formal dress, nothing too flashy, something which suits you, fits you well and one which you are comfortable in. Do not wear a new dress which you have not yet tried on.
  • A neat, clean and well groomed appearance is the way to go. Avoid heavy make-up.
  • Shoes should fit you well and remember, noisy heels are not the best way to announce your presence in any office.
  • Minimal jewellery is always better.
  • An interview can be a time to make a fashion statement, albeit a formal and occasion appropriate one. So, snazzy outfits, cheap and chunky as also too much jewellery, noisy and ill-fitting shoes at an interview are like committing hara-kiri.

Some interview etiquettes

  • Keep your phone on silent mode once you enter the office premises.
  • Do not talk loudly on your phone while you are waiting. In case you have an urgent call, make sure you talk softly.
  • When the HR official comes to take you to the meeting room, never tell her to wait while you finish your call or writing a mail etc.
  • Even if you are being interviewed for a very senior profile, your calls, mails and messages can wait, and you must pay due attention and give respect to the HR person.