The modern woman plays the dual role of managing home as well as office. Statistics show that women are making conscious attempt to find a good balance of work and life. They still are the primary caretakers of a family even while advancing their careers. Though few companies are increasingly acknowledging the need for Work from Home (WFH) options for women, the concept is still in nascent stage in India. Meanwhile, many women are taking a break in their careers, exploring work from home job options that is flexible and beats conventional eight hour work schedule; pays decent money for the work done; and helps to spend more time with the family.

Opportunities abound for women who want to work from home. Some require professional qualifications while some work on sheer talent. Few require little investment and few do not need any. Running a Yoga Training Centre is one of such viable options available for women. Most health conscious people today are looking out for an expert yoga trainer to reap the good benefits of yoga.  Know more about this opportunity, Suja Natarajan talks to Geetha Unni, a professional yoga expert and a trained therapist who has been teaching Yoga for about six years. She shares her knowledge, insights and inputs on taking up this profession as a WFH option.  Enthusiastic health conscious women can take advantage of this WFH option, to have the best of both worlds.

Since when have you been learning or teaching Yoga?

I started off with Yoga six years ago, in 2006, under the wings of Dr Renu Mahtani in Pune.

What motivated you to take up this idea for Yoga training?

I started learning Yoga due to my personal health issue – migraine. I slowly realized that I enjoyed doing Yoga so much that I became passionate about Yoga. Dr Renu Mahtani could see my passion and she insisted me to take up this profession. It worked for me since I was also people-oriented. Unlike other professions, Yoga needs an approach of people-orientation. All these made me take up Yoga teacher’s training courses.

What are the qualifications required to run a Yoga training centre?

There is no specific requirement, but proper training is obligatory to run training programmes successfully. As I keep saying, learning is never ending in Yoga. I must say, being passionate and having soft skills works well for training people in Yoga.

How do you balance work and home? How many hours do you work per week?

Working hours has been two or three hours a day, seven days a week.  I have worked a maximum of five hours a day with a fifteen-minute break in between sessions. I am able to manage classes in the mornings and evenings both. I am happy that I am able to work for two or three hours and still maintain good balance between work and home.