Customer Service Executives, also referred to as customer service representatives or customer care, are essentially people who bridge the communication needs between the end-users of any service or product, to the main production or service provider. For the layman, the Customer Representative is the face of the company. They serve as the public relation agents, who address the requirements, suggestions, queries, as well as complaints of the customers, on behalf of the company or service providers.

Such assistance is provided 24/7 by companies, spurring a growth of BPO jobs. However, this job can be done from home too. There are various companies, in their early stages of business, looking for smart well spoken work-from-home customer executives, to maintain their product service and cold calling database. All this sounds too technical, right? Read on to know more.

Who Are Customer Service Executives?

Whenever you find that your internet connection has gone down, whenever your cell phone stops working, when you want to buy a new stuff from the internet, or do teleshopping, the one who attends your calls and queries, through the phone or the mail, is a customer service executive.

He or she acts as an intermediary between the consumer and the company, the link between the company and the customers, who either intend to buy something, or have a query or have complaints regarding the products and services of the company.

Not only that, the customer service executive also needs to attract the customers to the new products and services launched by the company.

They also need to deal with all kinds of negotiations made by the customers, and ensure that the quality of the service or the product comes to the consumers a rate which allows the company to cut down its losses, and make some tidy profits.

They are also required to assure the customers of the company’s reputation, quality of services and superiority of products than the existing competition. There are many kinds of companies which hire customer service executives, like those in sectors such as E-commerce, telecom, marketing, education, health, and others.

Requirements and Eligibility to Become a Customer Service Executive

More than anything else, you should have the ability to speak with immense clarity and confidence. The person should have clarity in his or her voice and also should be fluent in the language preferred by the company.