When creativity and passion decide to join hands, what you have are truly amazing results. One look, at the beautiful product line that Srividya Arvind has to offer, says just this. Srividya uses the natural fibre, jute, to create absolutely stunning products, which range from trendy, stylish jute bags, folders, clutches to saree bags. Beautiful styling, quality materials and a finish that really makes you wonder that so much is possible, if one puts their heart and soul to it.

In conversation with Srividya Arvind of Chennai is Vandana Rajesh.

Please do tell us a bit about yourself and your qualifications.

I hold a Masters degree in Social Work from Madras School of Social Work (MSSW). I was in the profession of managing human resources when I decided to quit the job for my two lovely kids and family.

What is it that led you to the idea of a business right out of your home, and what are the products that you presently deal in?

Being idle was never my thing. Even after quitting from work, I was always exploring ideas of doing something from home which would keep me occupied, give additional income, while being at home and focusing on my kids. I have two lines of interest; jute products and hand crochet items for newborns and toddlers.

How did the idea of jute as a raw material come up?

In the year 2011, two things happened, that kind of led me to what I am doing right now. The government banned the use of low grade plastics. My husband hates anything that is not recyclable. I was looking out for return gifts for my cousin’s wedding. I happened to meet my classmate from MSSW who had started a self help group which made jute items. I ended up ordering the gifts from them. The product was made with so much love, care and perfection that I thought of taking over their marketing and sales. That is how it all started.