Content writing is a field that offers plenty of opportunities. Have a flair for the language, like writing, then this is the area for you. There are varied kinds of writing here that you could try your hand at before you decide what interests you most.

Types of Content Writing

1- Ghost writing: Ghost writing is what most writers begin with. The articles that you write would belong to the employer completely and get published under someone else’s name. It is a good way to start and get some experience and also understand the dos and donts here.

2- Resume writing: Your resume is what creates an image about you in the minds of the employer. The quality of the resume would to a great extent determine the response at the interview.
Resume writing is a specialized service. As the term suggests this means writing attractive resumes for others which would help them get the job of their dreams.

3- Web copy: This involves writing content pages for a particular website and also other matter for the site like brochures, newsletters to name a few. This is a job that pays well, however, you need to have experience to grab the job.

4- Copywriters: They are the really creative lot who are good at coming up with one-liners, slogans and matter that would make the customer welcome the product with open arms. In addition to loads of creativity you need to have a good understanding of the product, market trends and knowing the needs of your target audience.

5- E-book writing: This is a major commitment or work in hand as writing a book whether in print or otherwise is no joke. There is a lot of research and work involved to keep the reader interested.

6- Academic writing: Academic writing is another area of content writing that offers lot of scope. Academic writing means writing academic papers, presentation and essays. It requires that the writer has a thorough knowledge of the subject and is conversant with the different writing styles. Academic writing offers a higher pay packet, however, the effort required for research and writing too is much more.

7- Technical writing: Technical writing involves writing reviews related to software, games and others. It requires a good understanding of technology and some expertise. This too is another field that offers a world of opportunities and also good remuneration.

8- Press Releases: Press Releases is another important area that can be explored. Companies like to provide information about themselves and their products/services and this is done through press releases. Press releases require that you follow the particular format and go about it in a particular manner. With a little reading and practice you could get the hang of it and start working right from home.

In addition to this, the online world offers opportunities for blogging, medical writing, legal writing, translation, travel writing, business writing and proof reading too. Writing for Children is another important field. You could work on fiction or then academic related writing like textbooks. This is one area that provides opportunities both in the virtual world and also in the print media. Writing for magazines related to women and other areas that interest you also allow you to explore wonderful opportunities of work from home. The Print media pays more than the online world and you could probably get lucky to work with some big names that offer Re 1 and above per word. In addition, there are a number of jobs related to designing and programming that are waiting to be explored.