Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream, which when fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and in greater strength of the nation.” John F Kennedy

Education by far is one of the noblest professions. Now, with the world coming closer through technology and globalization, providing education to students across the world is becoming the modern day mantra.

Online tutoring as a ‘Work from Home’ option is gaining popularity in recent years. This is similar to conventional teaching method, with only exception being that, the student and the teacher interact via two computers connected through the internet portal. This has helped break many a barriers and has widened the knowledge space tremendously.

Though finding a suitable tutor might be as simple as doing a Google search, getting a qualified professional essentially requires enrolling with an online tutoring company. The online tutoring spectrum is very dynamic and these companies are into serious knowledge sharing business. There are many renowned ‘online tutor’ employers, who hire on the basis of the kind of work one is interested in doing, and as per one’s academicals.

Infrastructural Investment

The basic infrastructural requirement in this option is that of a reliable and suitable broadband Internet connection, along with the essential multimedia programs. In addition to this, a webcam, microphone, and a headset are also some prerequisites for this arrangement, since online tutoring focuses mainly on interactive dialogues and discussions.

Competencies and Evaluation

In the tutor’s qualification criteria, the minimum requirement would be a graduate college degree in the selected subject and also a certain level of teaching experience.

Moreover, all these companies have their own screening and selection process, which includes subject-matter knowledge testing, mock tutorials, faculty interviews and assignments. All these levels need to be cleared proficiently. In addition to this, your credentials and references are scrutinized and validated, before you are finally recruited by them.


Your compensation package is finalized depending on what you teach, number of students you can attend to, number of hours spent daily, and also your students’ feedback to the organization. Increments and bonuses too are given, depending on your grades, and track record, which is constantly monitored by the panel members of the company.

Categories of Online Tutorials

There is a wide variety of online tutorial options available with these companies, right from elementary school, to specialized course teaching. The line-up of a few is as below:

  • College level distance tutoring
  • Elementary, middle and high school tutoring
  • Foreign language tutoring
  • Homework tutoring
  • Subject matter experts and instructional designers

The eligibility for these jobs differ to a large extent, with some requiring a graduate degree in the selected subject, while others insisting on an advanced degree and/or teaching certifications, or even doctorates for the specialized courses.

Procedure and Advantages:

Multiple channels of communication are extensively used for online tutoring and it happens on a live, real time basis. Pertinent study material and assignments are sent via e-mail and thereafter discussions are held. Synchronized online tutorials enable the teacher to personalize the study course to suit each individual student.

Due to its flexibility, teachers can select suitable time periods in concurrence with their students. They can adjust their pace in accordance with the student’s learning capacity, and due to its one-on-one session, the teachers can focus their attention totally on a single student. This allows the student to enjoy a more open and interactive learning session. Moreover, the teacher can change the teaching module as per the student’s interests and strengths. These tailor-made learning sessions have hence gained immense popularity over the past decade.

Students even have the opportunity to select their tutor and rate their sessions. High rated teachers are given increments, and consistent performers are offered bonuses, and continue to be on the panel of tutors in the company.


A qualified and experienced teacher can render her services in this field in her spare time. This will not only assist them in earning something extra, but also provides them with a platform to keep abreast with the various technological revolutions in the teaching domain. It is also appropriate for women who are pursuing further education, and qualified women wanting to work from their home.


A few challenges encountered here:

  • Inability to judge comprehensive ability of students.
  • Restrictions in communicating with students due to bad internet connectivity.
  • Learning issues earlier faced by the student.

But if you are totally devoted and passionate about teaching, and truly believe that the best legacies to leave behind are many more enlightened minds, then this is another golden opportunity which is well within your reach.