The corporate world is experiencing a slow and steady change, one wherein qualified and talented women slowly climb the ladder and take up posts of command and respect. It isn’t uncommon to find women CEOs heading international organizations of repute. A sound education and the will to succeed have driven women from across the world to make a significant impact on the world of commerce and in our very own India we can witness some of the change. We no longer live in an age where women are the weaker gender. In fact, we live in one where women compete with their male counterparts on a daily basis in what is known often as “a man’s world”.

Today we have a successful entrepreneur and professional talking to us about her journey. Armed with a degree in English journalism she set out to conquer the world. And today, with dual roles, one as an entrepreneur of a successful HR management and consultancy firm, and the other as an associate editor of a magazine, she takes a breather to talk to us about her journey.

Presenting Meenakshi Sharma, of Resurge Management Consultant Pvt Ltd, in conversation with Paroma Sen-Basu

Tell us a little about you. What is your educational and work background and how did Resurge happen?

I have a post graduate degree in English Journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication and an MBA (HR) from Symbiosis. I have always nurtured a dual interest in Journalism and Teaching / Training. It seemed natural to eventually branch out into the field of Human Resources. I have worked with major news agencies, one of them being Indian Express, and I eventually started freelancing as a writer. A stint as a teacher in the Goa Institute of Management in 2000 followed. It’s with all the changes and experiments that I developed an interest in HR consulting, and that’s how I turned into a full time entrepreneur with Resurge.

Resurge’s main focus lies in Human Resource Consulting and Training, is there a new avenue you’d like to branch out into in the near future?

Resurge started out in 2006. We are in its sixth year, and what started as a pure HR consulting firm has now evolved into a wholesome A to Z service provider in the field of HR and communication. We now manage a gamut of HR and legal consultations, along with corporate training for our clients. In Gurgaon and Delhi, we have diversified into publications and media management (that’s how editing for DLF India City News came about) and are actively conceptualizing other news magazines by creating content and doing their advertising and circulation as well.

We also plan, write and design corporate newsletters. DLF City News is certainly a feather in our cap, as we are managing both their marketing and content and I am their Associate Editor. Additionally, Resurge is also a consultant with REDCO (Real Estate Development Council), Haryana, where we manage their Real Estate Management Training Programme that aims at professionalising realty. In the near future, my focus is the real estate sector.