Coming back to the subject of work from home careers, we have discussed some common vocations and some out-of-the-ordinary ventures in the past. 

But you will be interested to know that there are some others who have the will to take one step further and set up an independent company, that too all by themselves! We are referring to a registered private limited company, one that provides a whole gamut of services and also employs experienced and talented professionals across various departments.

Preeti Mittal, an IndusLadies member, was a regular employee in a software firm, but as the years flew by, she realized that she wanted to do much more by grabbing every opportunity out there. But for that, she had to be her own boss.

Read on to understand how she turned her entrepreneurial dream into reality, in a conversation with Piya Jayarajan.

What motivated you to start your own SEO services company?  

After graduating in information technology and working for five years in the field of internet marketing, I thought that it is the right time to turn my entrepreneurial dream into reality. And so, BlueBit Systems was born. I setup BlueBit with the simple vision of helping startups leverage technology to improve their advertising, and till today this vision drives us. I have realized that online marketing is one of the most effective ways to build brands.

Over the last few years, several SEO companies have sprung up, how would you differentiate your venture from them?

Yes, very true. Lots of small and big organizations have entered this field. There are freelancers doing the same work for cheaper rates. Ultimately what matters is the quality of work that only few companies can offer. We not only focus on traditional organic SEO, but also use advanced techniques which help in overall promotion of brands. We believe in delivering quality services and high customer satisfaction while following business ethics. We also provide intelligent targeting and detailed performance. We think that our services are our biggest differentiators. This is also why our clients always come back to us for more. 

What does it take to start your own private company? Can you throw some light on the legalities involved?

The current economic climate of India boosts entrepreneurship. We zeroed in on our business structure and got it registered and we were good to go! We also hired part time charted accountants to help us understand taxation and other legalities involved in the IT business. It is also important to know the labour laws involved while running a company.