The term ‘Insurance’ means a promise of compensation against some specific potential future losses, in exchange of a periodic payment. Insurance is designed to protect the well being of an individual, a company, a vehicle, or some other entity, in the case of unexpected loss. Some forms of insurance are mandatory by law, while others are optional.

With the growing awareness among people, the insurance business in our nation is expected to grow exponentially, and many home based businesses can garner a large piece of that pie. Gone are the days when being an insurance agent meant doing door to door sales. With the advent of Internet, you can work from home in the insurance industry, and can also earn a considerable amount of money from it.

Work from Home Insurance Opportunities:

Though there are many different types of insurance that can be sold, if you are a beginner and are looking for a relatively easier market to target, then you should focus your attention on any of the below niche market segments:

  • Life Insurance

Here the life of a person is insured so that the family doesn’t face any financial hardships in case of demise of the insured person.

  • Health (Medical) Insurance and Accidental Insurance

This involves selling insurance for future payments against costs that may be incurred due to ailments, health risks and/or accidents.

  • Vehicle Insurance

As the name suggests it means selling insurance for automobiles, thereby indemnifying the owner’s loss in case of a theft or an accident or any natural or manmade calamity.

  • Travel Insurance

In this case, you would be selling short term accidental, life, health and medical insurance cover to people who travel abroad.

Requirements for Being an Insurance Agent:


The minimum educational qualification for an insurance agent is 10 + 2 years of formal education. Earlier, majority of insurance companies did not seek any particular formal education requirements, or sales experience, for recruiting you as an agent. But now due to the increasing number of bad cases of wrong sales, it has become mandatory for an agent to undergo 100 hours of classroom training by the respective insurance company, based on the syllabus laid down by IRDA.

After the completion of training, the agent has to appear for the examination conducted by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA). Only after this is successfully cleared can one sell insurance.