Why choose this as a business?

The Indian beauty space is, approximately, a seven thousand crores market in our country, and is growing at a whopping twenty five percent, as per the industry analysts. Affluent lifestyle, high consumption patterns, and beauty consciousness have contributed to its colossal growth.

The Indian beauty industry is seen as an investment avenue with huge potential, and the fact that it is still largely unorganized and fragmented, has started to attract many international and localized branded beauty salon chains. So, there is no better time than now to enter it.

The influence of the media, along with the cultural pressure to always look good, especially as shown through movies, in a celebrity rampant world, cannot be undermined even by mistake.This is the case with men too. The men are getting increasingly macho in style, driving towards the uber cool ‘metrosexuality’. The consumers today can pay any price to look good. Customers are willing to pay a higher price for enhanced physical appearance, relaxation of the mind, and just for the feeling of being pampered.

Make use of this new age of beauty driven consumerism to set up a business out of beauty, that is always going to have an upward sloping demand curve. Steering into this venture requires significant research, which involves identification of your target customer, needs and wants of the target customer, location for setting up the salon, screening of the services offered by the competitors, and studying the international markets. A lot of research is required before you set foot into this burgeoning market of beauty.

Where to Start?

It is imperative that as a founder, you need to have hands on experience in the various treatments and services that are provided in a saloon or parlor. The most popular way to gain experience in this field of beauty is by joining a training programme offered by popular hair and beauty spas like Juice, BBlunt, Javed Habib, Lakme Salons etc. They offer training programmes at nominal rates, and also provide added advantages such as opportunities to do internships in their salons. Do inquire about what all they teach before enrolling for any particular course with the recommended famous salons.

Factors to Consider

  • The first thing to look out in commencing your own salon business is to identify a small place where you can locate your parlor or salon. This is could a part of your house or any chosen property. Try to find a place in a residential area, for better accessibility and profits.
  • After spotting a locality, and identifying your salon premises, get working for creating the interiors. Make them minimalistic, so that is works out better in terms of cost. Use simple but good lighting. Good lighting is essential in a salon.