‘After I ended that survey job, I remain free at home doing nothing. This is not really good, I mean I really want to earn some money at least I want to be an earner so that at least I can feed my stomach in the difficult times. But also, I want to care for my child and his well being so I can’t afford to go out of the house. I want to work from home and earn some money in my spare time’, said Seema to Urvashi who was also looking out for a home based job.

‘Dear, you know that some of these survey and form filling jobs have been frauds like Speak Asia then why to waste your precious time and hard earned money in that. Rather, try out for something which interests you and has a greater scope something like Pet Walking’ said Urvashi.

What Is Pet Walking and How Is It Different From Other Home Based Jobs?

After the many fraudulent ‘Work From Home’ jobs, here has arrived one job, which is not at all a fraud. Many housewives and stay-in-home women have tried their hands on much online, offline work from home jobs as well as businesses, sometimes which were not of their interests. Most of them today have stopped doing those work, as they found no profit in it, and most of the time, they were found to be frauds. Pet walking is different.

Are you one of those people who love to take care of pets, and also pets get along famously with you? If it’s a ‘yes’ to this question then I would like to tell you that now there is a new job coming up these days, Pet walking. It has been really successful in the western countries and now has come to India with a lot of scope for stay-at-home women, who can do this job easily without mental strain.

It involves nothing but caring for a person’s pet. Today the lives of people are very busy. They don’t have enough time for themselves, and for their daily responsibilities. Even pet owners don’t have enough time to care for their pets. The pet owners hire other people to take care of their pets, who are called Pet Walkers. They look after daily needs of pets.

Pet Walkers Are In Great Demand

These pet walkers seem to be in a great demand in the metros, as well as small cities and towns. Pet walkers take the pets out for a walk, bathe them, brush their coats to clean them, train the pets and give them the food they require for good health.

Normally the pet owners leave their pets at the home of the pet walker when they go to work, and pick them up while returning.

Also the pet walkers are required when the pet owners are not at home, and have gone out for business trips or vacations. In these times pet walkers act as crèche for pets for select number of days the owners are out.

How to Find Customers?

There is a real lack of the right people for this profession, hence pet walkers are always in great demand. The owners are mostly well to do people, so the payment is also generous. The pet owners are only concerned with the health and well being of their favourite animals.

To enter this profession, it’s important to first find people who really need them or advertise themselves, so that those people who really need pet walkers can find you out.

  • Browse the internet

Most people post ads when they need certain services on job searching platforms, or otherwise, on any website. Mostly these kinds of adverts can be found on job searching platforms, or websites that advertise home based work, like simplyhired, skillpages, quikr or olx in India.

  • Advertise your services

Post your profile on any of the job searching platforms and also on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Nowadays people spend a lot of their time in these social networking sites, so you can easily find work through them.

  • Start at the basics

Tell all the people in your social group about your new venture, so if they know anyone who requires these services then they can easily contact you. Also print some handouts or leaflets which can be distributed over your area.

  • Start your own website

Find a website designer who can design a website for you and then run this website online. Many who will be interested will always be able to find the website and know about your service.

Earning Potential through Fixed Rates per Visit

In the western countries, the payment is plenty as much as $17 per visit. You can decide your rates according to the number of hours with the pet, and charge accordingly. You can charge anything between Rs 100 to 150 per day, or per hour, per pet.  You can fix your rates accordingly with the amount of work you need to do with a single pet.

So go ahead and fulfill that love of animals in you through this wonderful work from home option.