Corporate life is the ideal choice of work for most people. An MBA and several qualifications before and after, people mostly choose to enter the brand of the 9-to-5 office life. But, when you have an idea followed by a dream, and an eagerness to add value to what you do every day, it fuels your desire to create something new. And sometimes, your dream is to start a venture that solves vendor problems and makes life so much easier in the corporate sphere of life.

Pooja Sharma and Aashita Dutta, quit their regular jobs for a more challenging and full time one. They created an innovative firm, which helps businesses achieve their goals faster, whilst promoting the spirit of efficiency, and the key to staying ahead. Time is money in the corporate world, and when companies have to deal with multiple vendors for various business needs, they lose out on time, and it affects the overall goals and objectives.

Connect 2 Consult, the brainchild of Pooja, and Aashita, acts as a one stop shop solution provider across a wide spectrum of areas.

So let’s meet Pooja Sharma of Connect 2 Consult and hear the story of C2C, a venture that aims to nullify the problems of multiple vendors in the corporate world, as she talks to Paroma Sen-Basu.