The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Is The Hand That Rules The World  – William Ross Wallace

Women of today decide fate of the family and the society as a whole. There is no doubt that women can use entrepreneurial skills, business acumen, and precise hindsight to become a successful entrepreneur. Capitalizing on these and many other business attributes, multi level marketing fits the bill.

  • Do you like to socialise?
  • Do you have the have ability to woe a crowd?
  • Do you have a network of people around you?
  • Do you like to be you own boss?
  • Do you wish you could work full time but aren’t able to?
  • Do you want to work but cannot commit yourself all the time?

If you are a woman, and have answered most of the questions above in affirmation, then Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is the thing to do. MLM can be a boon to those aspiring for quick money or for those whom it means serious business.

For starters, it may require a meager investment of capital, primarily for initial times when you get comfortable with the product you are selling. The best part is that, you get a range of products at a lesser price by being the face of the company you are marketing for. MLM products are often quite marketable and very established set of product lines or services. They are constantly improved and enhanced in content, packaging, or overall appeal factor. The MLM companies have a strong repute, market presence and enjoy brand awareness of their products. It means you are not the only one doing this business and there a quite a number of leading examples to follow in your business.

The leader in you can be perfectly showcased here. Your job will be to attract customers also attract distributors and lead them. You earn profit from your sales and your distributors too.

However, beware about the marketing strategies of the company when it comes to ‘pyramid building’. It is often considered illegal in countries like US and others. Also certain companies don’t pay you on the sales of your distributors; they just pay you for your individual sales. Incentives are huge and can include trips to foreign locales, party at a luxurious hotel or simply cash bonuses. On the lesser side, you are able to get an extra cash to support your electricity bills, gas bills, groceries and others, even if you are not generating big profits. Initially you may begin by approaching your friends for marketing your product in your free time, and then gradually increase your visits as and when you wish or as per your business requirements.

Many ladies market their products at their workplace because it is easier to convince and know their customers from close proximity. A lady beautician’s friend may use her beauty parlor as a meeting place for interacting with her customers. This way of networking reduces costs of visiting people, and allows ‘moola’ to come straight to seller and beautician’s pockets.