Your E-(Educational) Savings

Of many options available to make a decent earning without leaving home, especially for women, one is the teaching job. Since ages women have actively been working in the field of education. This is one profession that does not come with a shelf life. She can continue teaching even in her old age. Whatever be the language she might have completed her education in, she can definitely use it to its best. Some women after marriage give up their jobs to become homemakers as her home and family become a priority for her. However she forgets that she is equipped with a degree, or the most powerful tool called education, and it can help her earn a decent amount.

Today children are taught subjects like art craft, drawing, origami, painting, dramatics, etc by professionals or trained teachers. In the recent past, parents sent their children to coaching classes only for academics, but today it isn’t the same. As a result, this has provided golden opportunities to all those who have a flair for creativity. Calligraphy, ceramic and glass painting or stitching can be learnt from a knowledgeable teacher. All that, one needs is to give it a serious thought along with other important things before plunging into the teaching profession and coaching the students.

The Preamble

Firstly, do a thorough revision of the subject you would teach; this will help brush up the basics; simultaneously one should make topic-wise notes for future reference. This systematic functioning will help to work smoothly and save valuable time. Even if a topic has been forgotten, or some additional notes or new notes have to be made, surfing the internet for the said topic would be helpful. 

Secondly, it is essential to be sure up to which class you would be able to teach comfortably without a single hitch. The confidence will help you to explain the topic well. You can start with a small batch size, or say, one or two students and gradually increase the strength. When you are capable of handling or giving individual attention to each student in a batch half the battle is won.

Thirdly, you need to spread a word about your coaching classes, and the best way would be placing an advertisement on your society notice board. In order to do so, seek permission from the society before placing the ad.

Next, before you start with your first session always have a one-to-one talk with the parents and students so as to have an idea of the student’s caliber, parent’s expectation and any learning disabilities that a child may have. Likewise, also hold a common brief on your teaching techniques, your expectation from both the students and their parents and above all instil the faith that you can handle every type of student.

Most of all, dedication plays a vital role as the future of the students lies in your hands. Never commit what you cannot deliver. Also, do not over burden yourself with more and more students, as that could lead to compromise in quality of teaching. Prepare a schedule and adhere to it, so that you do not neglect your other duties.