Business skills are sometimes a built-in trait for a lot of people, but the real challenge does not lie in honing the skill, as much as it’s about taking the initial first step to start a business of your own, based on your key strengths and interests.

Prerna, a vibrant young mother took the initiative and set out to work on various different fields from home. Her love for writing, for managing, for being an entrepreneur rolled into one with these various ventures.

It takes severe determination to raise a young child and manage your own entity, yet the committed young mom did both with élan and ease, and created a niche for herself.

Let’s hear Prena talk about her business venture, with Paroma Sen-Basu.

Tell us about you. What have you studied, and how and why did the idea of blogging begin?

I did my Masters in English from Chandigarh. However, I didn’t start writing and blogging until after my daughter was born four years ago. I worked as a customer service executive and the communication skills training department of a corporate sector company. I started blogging because I knew I didn’t want to go back to a full time job, once I had a child. I also knew that I needed something to keep me intellectually active, and blogging was a simple and free way to do that. It let me share my thoughts while managing my child at home.

 My blog, The Mom Writes, quickly evolved into a space for sharing helpful points and tips on parenting, home management, simple living and of course, working from home. I started applying for writing jobs, and gradually widened my sphere and scope of writing. Soon, the jobs started coming to me from people who’d seen and liked my work online.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that several women today look for flexible work from home options, to gain a sense of happiness once they have a child.

You also have a social media marketing business. How do you manage it from home?

Yes, that’s right. Social Media Direct is a digital agency that offers full service web content, business blogging and social media solutions to small businesses. Managing it has been relatively easy, since my husband and I both work on the business plans, and goals, and we schedule our day and work in such a way so that one of us can always be there with our daughter. I also wake up early to catch up on work before the daily routine starts. It’s a perfect fit, honestly.