Every occasion in our life is celebrated with food, whether a bar of chocolate, or wine, or a full course meal, without food our joys are incomplete. Humans and food are inseparable, as it gives nourishment to our body, mind and even senses. For centuries, families across the world have passed the legacy of culinary skills from one generation to the other. So, why not make a profession out of a passion for good food, and fantastic culinary skills. So are you ready to grind the ‘masala’ for professional success? How? Well, yes, start off with home-based cooking classes for women, men and maybe children too. Pass on the ‘tadka’ to the newer generation and make good money from home too. Pamphlets in morning newspapers in neighbourhoods should suffice for affordable and wide range marketing. Let’s get to the core.

Menu for Your Students

What can your skills, cuisines and recipes, impart to your students? Fast food culture is extremely popular with the new generation; as a result many cooking classes offer courses catering to such needs. Pizzas, pastas, burgers, sausages, etc, have become common with almost all restaurants. Apart from this, we have witnessed a new trend of indigenisation of many dishes such as Chinese Bhel, Spring Dosa, Cheese Dosa and many more. Trends in traditional cooking have always been ever-evolving and changing role, as people are more willing to try new cuisines. Another interesting fact is that diet food is a new section added to the menu of the new generation, which is calorie-conscious. The diets mostly comprises salads, cold cuts, steamed or stir fried vegetables, roasted snacks or just boiled veggies, or smoked fish. You can teach host of delights to your students, depending upon their interest and age.

The Indian Food Affair

Teach them Indian food, the most delicious cuisine that has been churning the best of spices and herbs, to make the Smokey Mughlai to the Konkani fish curry. Indians have always been connoisseurs of good food; hence cooking is no ordinary affair with most Indian household. It would be complete injustice if we do not mention about the various Indian cooking styles, which have acquired their names from the region they originated. Mughlai or the Nawabi style is rich food as it uses a lot of ghee, paneer, meat, saffron or spices and condiments generously. The preparation is very exquisite and the food is truly ambrosial. Likewise, Lucknowi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, South Indian, Goanese, Maharashtrian food, and many more kinds of dishes one can indulge in India.

The Paradox

It is such a paradox that there are more men, than women in this profession, when traditionally, at home, cooking is done by women. It’s time to change this trend, by allowing women become professional cooks. Sanjeev Kapoor, Marut Sika, Jigs Kalra, and Adity Bahl, are some of the celebrity chefs of today. They are all in some way inspired by the women in their lives to take up this profession and leave a mark forever.