When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This applies perfectly to our entrepreneur of today. When managing a full-time career in finance, along with family, and especially a small child became difficult, she decided to call it a day from her regular nine to five job, and start something of her own. Her love for kids took over, and understanding perfectly well, that all a working mother looks for is a professionally managed place for her little one (while she is away at work). Mouchhanda, with a friend of hers, embarked on a new journey with children. A successfully run and managed pre-school and day care in Bengaluru (earlier known as Bangalore) are the results.

In conversation with Mouchhanda Mitra, owner of a day care in Bengaluru, is Vandana Rajesh.

How would you describe yourself in a few lines? 

I love to make my own choices in life. I like to think of myself as an individual who is free to live life on her own terms.  

How and when did the idea of starting a day care occur to you? What age groups do you admit in your day care? 

A full time corporate job, with a young child to look after, was getting very difficult to handle. After 10 years of a full-fledged career in the financial domain, I decided to make my family my priority, especially so for my five-year old son. A close friend too was going through similar circumstances, and we came up with the idea of a preschool cum daycare. We got together and started a pre-school and day care centre in partnership.

I had personally gone through the challenges of managing my home and child, along with a full-fledged career, so it occurred to me that a good, clean, and hygienic day care for small children may prove to be a very effective solution for working mothers like me. That is how it all started.

The day care facility is available for children in the age group of one to12 years.