A woman has multiple roles to play in her life. She is an individual; a daughter, maybe a wife and a mother too. She is a friend, a guide, a life-giver. She is a professional, who assays multiple roles and handles a lot of expectations from everyone surrounding her. Once she gives birth, she has a life to be responsible for as well.

Whether it is your personal space or professional, you have a lot of demands on you and your time and skills. What do you do? Crumble or stand up and manage? I hope you picked up the second choice.

Seek Help and Support

  • There are many women who are dedicated professionals and manage a family as well. And, wonderfully so. Remember you are not a superwoman. It is absolutely ok to seek and accept help.
  • Remember to be careful that those whom you ask for help do not compromise on their time and life, to be with you. Always ask for as much help as they can comfortably give you. Keep in mind their age and occupation. Be appreciative of their support. 
  • Keep maids.
  • Form mutual help groups with friends.
  • Get your partner to contribute to the household by taking some of the household responsibilities.
  • Try and work out a work schedule with your company which gives you greater flexibility.
  • Consider scenarios wherein you might have to compromise on work related travel, late hours and maybe even promotions. Give a good thought to how you feel about it and discuss it with your partner.

You alone are not responsible for your home and family, your partner is equally so. So, rope him in all arrangements and ask him to contribute as well.

Priya Mathew, a PhD scholar, a lecturer and a guide to all her students, a trainer, a speaker, dons many caps. She has two children. She manages all this with the help of her parents, in-laws, husband, a maid and a driver.

Most importantly, Priya does not feel guilty about having a full time maid to help her. She feels that in that these changing times, men and women have to change their mindset on how a house is managed, and it is not by the woman of the house alone, who might end up having no life of her own, if she is devoting her life to her family, in turn forgetting her real self and forgoing her ambitions. Priya says that it is time now that we accept that a woman also wants a life beyond her home. And, it is upon all of us to accept it and chip in.