Women and jewellery have an inseparable connection. From days of yore, allure of precious metals had held sway over emotions of the fairer sex. A tiny creation adorning a woman has only gone on to add to her charm, confidence and aura.

Creativity in the field of jewellery-making touched new highs in recent times. Handmade jewellery has managed to cross all barriers in popularity. With growing acceptance, this has become an excellent and lucrative business opportunity. There are many enterprising women who have begun it as a hobby and have gone on to make it a successful business venture. Doing what you absolutely love can be the most fulfilling thing in one’s life.

So, if you have creativity flowing in your veins, have an eye for detail, a passion for what you do and would like to start a home based business, then, this could be your calling. If you are already pursuing a hobby of making trendy jewellery, and want to turn it into a business or one just waiting to make a choice of business, then read on.

Starting a Home Business

Make a business plan: 

Like every business, this too, in addition to passion and hard work, this requires a lot of systematic planning. A meticulous business plan, which clearly lays down essentials, is of extreme significance.  The product, sources of raw material, market study, capital requirements and financial planning, marketing tools, delivery and customer service must all to be charted out in your plan.

  • Get trained:

Be sure to do your home work well. Attend classes; talk to friends or acquaintances in the field managing similar businesses; make enquiries; and read up on the subject.

  • Get financing:

The capital required will depend on size of your business and your specific business plan. It is, however, best to start small in jewellery business and expand as you move. Going slow is a good idea, until you are confident of managing every stage of your business.