Busy schedules, demanding jobs, home, children and social commitments all demand a part of you. Health is what you need most to meet every commitment and still be smiling and happy.

With time being a scarce commodity, you are definitely not in a position to attend that evening aerobic class or weight loss program that you so badly need. This is where a personal trainer steps in and helps you take care of your health and achieve those personal goals.

Who is a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer is a trained fitness professional who draws out a custom made health plan after carefully assessing the health needs of the prospective client.

Generally, the first step in the process is a fitness evaluation which helps to assess the capabilities and limitations of the client. The process includes taking body measurements, measuring the body mass index, weight check, calculating the fat percentage and similar tests.

With this background in place, the trainer moves ahead drawing out the specific diet plan and exercise regime.

The personal trainer also works as a motivator, the emotional anchor and also provides important feedback on the performance of the client. Evaluation from time to time ensures that the fitness program is as per requirements and that the client is on the right track. The trainer ensures that the exercises are done in the right manner without causing any injuries.

A personal trainer, in other words, is a friend, philosopher and guide, who makes it possible for a client to achieve the fitness targets in a best and most efficient manner.