In a highly competitive world where highly skilled professionals yearn to stand out from the crowd, a well written Curriculum Vitae or CV, is a Godsend and the ultimate solution. Professional resume / CV writers are constantly sought out by young professionals and experienced high level management personnel to help them re-write their CV, or resume. Having a  good CV can help one stand out in a competitive market and grab the attention of potential employers. In short, so they can find the apt job, quickly.

Rumki Sen saw the opportunity and gaping hole between this intense demand, and the supply of writers who can draft professional, authentic, mature CV. She started her own company¸ Perfect Editing Solutions to bridge this gap and now offers a range of services, from resume writing to proof reading and editing services.

Let’s learn more from the young entrepreneur herself, as she talks to Paroma Sen-Basu.

Every working professional has a CV and most write it themselves, so what is the difference in having a CV professionally written?

It is true that every working professional has a CV. Yet, I find that they need a lot of changes in format and structure. Also, the resume might have several spelling and grammatical errors, along with errors in word usage and awkward phrasing.

A resume needs to be prepared according to the current style and format and must be entirely error-free. Writing a resume in a proper sequence also plays a very important role in gaining a potential employer’s attention.

Our resume writing services ensure that a resume conveys a person’s experience, key skills and achievements in the most professional manner. This maximizes the chances of finding the right job for the candidate.

What kind of clients do you generally get for proof reading and CV writing?

For both proof reading and CV writing, I get clients from India, USA, Canada, Europe, China, and from many other parts of the world. Our clients range from students, website owners, business owners, employees (both experienced and freshers), publishers, authors and everyone who wants to deliver an error-free, professional message.

I also provide proofreading and copyediting services mainly for websites, and other desktop publishing services.

In short, any English document that needs to be error-free, needs to be edited by professionals.

What separates my company from most other resume writing services is the personalized approach I take in developing a resume.

What are the charges for a proof reading job and resume writing job?

For a standard proofreading and copyediting job, we charge our fees per page. We define a page as containing around 250 words. Total price is calculated based on the total number of words present in the document. Fee can also depend on complexity of project and length.

Our resume writing services are priced to be affordable for people who are looking for a job.  Based on the total number of years of work experience, our charges are calculated accordingly.