My task which I am trying to achieve is by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel–it is, before all, to make you see. That–and no more, and it is everything.”
– Joseph Conrad

This quote goes to describe beautifully the essence of content writing and that too using the most precise set of words. If you too are in love with the written word and can paint your picture effortlessly by putting pen to paper, then content writing is the world of opportunities just waiting to be explored.

What Is Content Writing

The written word is of utmost importance in the virtual world. Once the website is designed and ready to go online, the next most important aspect of the site is the content. A website is judged by its content, both by the readers, and also the search engines. Only if the content is interesting, continuously updated and caters to specific audiences, will the website receive the attention it deserves. With so many details to attend to, webmasters/website owners may not themselves have the time to create the content required on a regular basis. Here steps in the content writer to create content for the site.

The content is what helps the website target its specific niche audience, and also stand above the competition. The content should be well-researched, rich, captivating, original and regular.

With the growing demand for content writers, you can turn your interest in writing into a career that lets you balance home and work perfectly. With over five years in the field, I can say with certainty, that this is a field that allows you to be there for your family, grow as a person and also is satisfying both monetarily and in terms of work.

Pre-Requisites of Being a Good Content Writer:

A good content writer should have:

  • Good and thorough knowledge of the chosen field.
  • Good command over the language.
  • Knowledge of Internet and a good connection that allows you to conduct research and also stay connected with the client.
  • Dedication and adhering to the timeline is important. With interaction only through the internet, your client will judge you on basis of the quality of your work and your ability to meet deadlines.

How to Get Started

There are a number of websites that regularly feature content writing/journalism jobs.  Websites like, monster, timesjobs, craigslist and are great places to start your search for that perfect job. Create a resume and start applying. There are several employers who do give new writers an opportunity to make a good beginning. You will be required to take a written test, on which you will be judged. Having a background in writing will help simplify matters.

Keep applying to jobs that fit your profile and also work hard on your writing skills. It helps to have a portfolio of sample articles ready, as most employers will be asking for them. Having a personal blog will definitely work in your favour.

Areas in Content Writing

There are a variety of areas that you can write for. Ghost writing articles for websites/directories, resume writing, medical writing, travel related, technical (related to software), web copy (content for the websites), legal, business/financial writing, writing for children, academic, blogging and even translation jobs are what you can choose to specialise in. You need to discover your strength and choose your field accordingly. Proof reading and editing too are doors that may open up for you with time and experience.