In this IT era, everyone is working, irrespective of sex, age, place or work burden. Still many women in this world ask themselves, if they can have a successful career, a full time job, and at the same time, run a house with husband and children. Why do they feel at some point that they will have to choose between the two roles?

Think about this for a second, you went to college for many years, earned yourself degrees and sacrificed a lot, like friends and home comfort, in order to have a career in a new city. For some of us, it was a dream to be a successful career girl. But then on the way, you meet just the right man, and you really want to marry him. So, as per the society norm, you would now be expected to stay at home, leave your job and move to his place of work. Why?  Is it because you must be able to take care of your husband, his family and grow children, by putting your dreams of career behind, and putting all the financial stress on the shoulders of the husband?

Many of you ladies might debate saying, this is the right way for a quality family life, but I have another point to it. Of course, if you are a person who always aspired to have a family and run the house, it’s no big deal. In fact it would be an ideal life. But if you have always wanted a successful career, a husband and a family, then it will surely be a problem, because someone with those aspirations wouldn’t be happy sacrificing it for this new lifestyle. Initially it might work, but in long run, it will leave you stressed and unhappy.

In my opinion, we can have it all, the key is to compromise and balance. We can work, have a career, be married and have children, if we set our priorities right. We can’t deny the fact that life can be very hectic, when we decide to have a family, but I am glad that society is changing now, and all we need to do is draw a line between compromise and sacrifice for ourselves.

It can work even better when both partners decide to share responsibilities. You are blessed, if you have an understanding partner to share the life with, who sees you as an individual first. And he too will be blessed, when you act like a true partner both emotionally and financially, and not burden your husband with all the financial responsibilities. Times have changed and we should go with the flow. After all it’s our life, and we should live up to our expectations with no regrets.