To pursue a work from home (WFH) profession requires strong determination, patience and perseverance. It tests your capabilities as well as your ability to balance the two with perfection.

To celebrate the success of such a passion today we have amongst us, Mrs Ruta Parikh, from Vadodara, to share her own story of becoming a WFH entrepreneur.

Ruta Parikh has been a WFH professional since past 15 years running her own beauty parlour and agency for Tupperware and Amway products. She designs bridal jewellery and ladies apparel as well. She is very meticulous in her work, taking keen interest in each and every detail. She believes seeing is belief, and is always well-dressed at work.

Mrs. Parikh, firstly I would like to extend a warm welcome to you to Indus Ladies and thank you for giving us your time.

We would like to know how it all started. Was it a conscious decision to become a WFH entrepreneur?

No, it was never a conscious decision to do all this. I got married with a thought of being a housewife all my life. But circumstances proved otherwise, and I decided to do something to support my husband’s income. I began by using my creativity to generate income. I used everything that I could lay my hands on and from then on there was no looking back.

A setup like this, involves a lot of investment in the beginning and it takes quite a while to reach a break-even point or make profits. Can you share your journey in finer details with us during those times and how you managed all of those things?

I never had any particular investment to begin my business. I just had one simple rule, ‘If I earn Rs 500,  I will spend only Rs100.’ I saved that Rs400 to put into my business. I began by taking up simple jobs of fall-beading for sarees, and went on to make Chania Cholis from home. I made best out of waste. From using old bangles to gunny sacks, I have done it all. My first big order was of Rs10,000, after which things just started happening.