Everybody begins their career with a dream, an aim, and a goal. Although most of us accept that with hard work we may achieve some of what we set out to, none of us are prepared for a setback.

When faced with a calamity of sorts, have you ever asked yourself what you would do? In this interview, let’s learn about a true rising star, one who knew that even if you fall, it is still possible to rise, rather, to rise high.

We speak with Tuhina Fol, a former adventure tourist professional who suffered a massive setback in her life due to an accident, which confined her movements. She had, since then, turned her accident into her strength, to rise again and turn into a professional personal development trainer. She is talking here to our writer, Paroma Sen-Basu

You started your career as a professional in adventure tourism. What made you choose a career in so niche a field?

Many things came together to make this happen. During my MBA, I specialized in tourism and started working as tourism professional. Since I was always a very athletic person who loved participating in sports and cross-country running, I naturally drifted towards adventure tourism out of pure love of the outdoors. Soon mountaineering, trekking, camping, river rafting and safaris were my scope of work, mountains and jungles were offices and tents, my home.

Many professionals face mishaps in their life. What are the most important things you would tell them in order to help them?

The accident, in which I fractured my spine and injured my head, had put an end to my adventure tourism days and I went into depression. It was long before I found myself again.

From my experience I would like to give out these few pointers –

Do not try to bounce out of it immediately. Our mind and heart need a little natural time to grieve over what has been lost and deal with it, come to terms with it. It is better to let a little time pass and come out strong rather than hurrying up and nursing the pain all your life.

If the circumstances of your life have changed completely, stop yearning for everything to be the same again. They cannot be. Be thankful you had those wonderful days, cherish the memories and start looking for new doors. There always are new doors.

Throw yourself into your new project with the same passion that you had for your earlier one. Strive to be the best possible in it. You will find it fulfilling and you will find happiness again.

Once you have re-invented yourself, you now know that it is possible. This should give you the courage and the motivation to keep re-inventing yourself in life and touch new horizons over and over again.