Gone are the days when the preferred language of conversation was one’s native or national language. The western influence, better education and introduction of western TV shows have opened up a world of English in India. Most city youngsters like to converse in the Queen’s tongue while youth from the interiors try to develop their skills by watching movies.

At least in India, if you speak English it’s considered more than plain respectable. It’s the preferred language amongst peers of metros and bigger cities these days.  Yet, in spite of the many English private and public schools, English classes and English speaking mothers, youngsters in India still defy the rules and speak English the Indian way, with several grammar mistakes and wrong pronunciations.

This was Gowri Sinha’s pet peeve. An avid reader, she felt the love of her language being taken for granted every time she interacted with youngsters. That and a lot more lead to the start of a VocaBOOM franchise through which she helps students truly understand English and the art of it and correct every doubt, grammar mistake and pronunciation along with skill and character development.

Presenting entrepreneur Gowri Sinha, in a conversation with Paroma Sen-Basu

Tell us a little about you. What have you studied and how did it lead to a VocaBOOM franchise?

 I grew up in Delhi and was an avid reader. I discovered the magic world of children’s fiction, especially English fiction, when I was around 10 years old. I was lost in the world of the different stories and the different characters. For me, these were places I could go to and people I could be – for I was not just reading the words of the book, I would ‘be’ in each book.