Turn Furniture Into Storage Spaces

Use trunks and boxes as tables, you can always cover them with beautifully designed covers. You can use them in the library, dining room or place it in the alley as a stand for some show pieces. You can choose to buy them online or also use antique pieces from your home. Just give them colours that would be attractive.


Add Shelves near the Ceiling

When you want to keep things that you do not want immediately, you can always place them in a shelf constructed in a high ceilinged room. You could save them from being damaged by children and also use them when you need.


On The Walls

Keep your kitchen clean by placing things exactly where they belong, like placing the bottles and jars on shelves hanging perfectly on the wall. This would reduce a lot of unwanted material scattered around at home.


Closet Doors

Use the doors of your closet, just put some nails on the door of your closet and use them to hang your hand bags. You can have a specially attached napkin rack on the door. You can also make some space to keep ties and socks the closet door. Such extra storage space is always easy to maintain.


Use Your Oven

Your microwave is one storage space which you often do not see as a storage space. You could place your nuts jars, pickles that need not be refrigerated or even cups and plates in your oven. Play with your imagination, you might find even more things to place inside.


Kids Storage Boxes

Buy kids storage boxes at zansaar.com and fill them with all the toys and play things your children always use. This way you would be able to keep your kids room clean. Teach children to place the things back after they are done with using them.


Foldable Bags

Foldable bags can be used for regular marketing purposes. And when not in use hang them on a wall making them part of a showpiece. This way you would not lose the bag or dirty it when not in use.


Functional Storage

Use bottles with the name of the content written on them. You get such bottles printed with coffee, tea and sugar and so on at zansaar.


Under The Stairs

Place a shoe rack under the stairs so that they are away from sight and yet can hold all the shoes at home. You can get them specially designed or online