As the numbers of working women rise in the world over, so do tensions on how to pack and travel while on a business trip. Women, as a gender, are always in dire need of several accessories to accompany every outfit. From matching shoes to the perfect bags, the list is practically endless. And obviously, when it comes to a business trip, matters can get worse, because along with the pressure to look good, there lies the need to create a professional image and reputation.

But, worry not, because here are a few tips that can help you travel well and travel light during your next business trip.

Find out the weather conditions for where you are going

If you are traveling to the tropics, you will need to pack for humid to warm weather conditions, if you are traveling to the northern countries, you will need to pack for cold conditions. Once you know what type of weather you are packing for, half your work will be done.

Know how people dress locally

If you work for a multi-national company, you will notice that most times when Americans or Europeans travel to the Indian subcontinent, they find out how people dress. For instance, they will ask as to whether it’s normal to wear skirts, dresses etc. Similarly, if you travel to a new place try to dress the way locals do, in neutral clothes, so that you don’t stand out unnecessarily.

Colour coordinate with shades of the earth

Pack pants that are darker shades of the soil, and tops that are lighter shades of the soil. This is the simplest way to pack, because your luggage will be light and you’ll have a new look every day. It also helps to pack in white and cream coloured clothes.

Be professional and formal at all times

As a woman, you need to be sure that you are never overtly friendly with anyone at the workplace. This rule stands for when you travel too. During a business trip, be curt, yet polite, with everyone you meet.

Command respect

Although the numbers of working women have gone up, there are many instances where men do not like to take into account their woman colleagues viewpoint. During a business trip, you need to command respect. Start by brushing up your skills and read up about your subject matter so that you gain more confidence when you meet your counterparts.