Jet set across the world for work, with ease!

In today’s corporate world, it isn’t unusual for young executives to be found jet setting across the country, or for that matter even the globe. The world is a global economy, where multinationals have offices based across the world. In order to coordinate commercial activity, meet new clients, and establish a better business base, it is important for younger and mid level executives to travel across countries often.

Although the travel, and excitement of seeing a new place and meeting new people, is fun, one has to keep in mind the dos and don’ts of traveling while on a business trip. When you travel for work, you are representing your company, your role in the company, and therefore it is imperative to know how to separate the real you and the person or/ role you represent, before embarking on a journey.

Once you are confident in your role, the tips below will help you travel with ease during your next business trip.

Pack Light, Pack Formal:

When you are on a business trip, you need to look like you are on a work-related trip and not holiday. It is important thus to pack light (so as to add a sense of formality to your overall look).

Color-coordinate your attire to include dark and formal shades, like grays, navy blues, blacks, browns and white. In order to pack light, pack just a pair or two of formal pants with several different colored shirts, to save space and to look different every day.

Also, remember not to pack in too many toiletries when you travel. Every hotel offers a range of toiletries to guests, so you can save space by using what’s on the house.

Be Presentable At All Times:

A business trip is a trip where not only the executive, but the company the executive represents, is judged. So it is important to be presentable at all times. Basic techniques can help with that.

For instance, if you are travelling to a country in a different time zone, drink beverages to stay awake and get through jet lag at key times.

Get your clothes pressed from the hotel to look good at all times. This will create a good and positive impression about you and the company then.

Try To Mix With The Locals:

A key success point when you travel for work is how you get along with the locals in the country you are visiting. The local staff you meet can make or break your reputation. So, try to mix with them.

Learn a few of common words, greetings. If you are in Japan, then bow when you greet someone. And if you are in France, learn to say Bonjour!

These little things will go a long way in making you feel welcome wherever you travel!