It is that time of the year when families plan for vacation, holidays, and small trips  Whether you plan to go to a weekend trip or a seven day trip, you will need to plan and pack, to enjoy a hassle-free holiday. It is quite natural for you to forget something important that can cause panic and anxiety. We have compiled a printable travel checklist that can come handy when you are planning for any trip. It aims the packing checklist for children, adults and some important checks that you ought to do before you leave for your vacation. Now going on a trip will be easy and stress-free!


The Family Travel Checklist 


  • Dresses (frocks, skirts, t-shirt, pants)
  • Casual Clothes (shorts, tops, pajamas, swimsuit, jeans)
  • Shoes (Dress shoes, casual shoes, sandals, boots, sneakers, sports shoes)
  • Underwear and sleepwear
  • Accessories (comb, clips, bands, pins, scarves, sunscreen, belt, gloves, hat, sweater, other cosmetics,

jackets, mitten, sunglasses, binoculars)

  • Medical Kit (Prescribed medicines, thermometer, bandage, antiseptic cream, allergy pills, insect repellant, gel  for cuts/burns, cotton, medicated plaster, motion sickness medicine, laxative, diarrhea medicine, cold/cough  and fever medications)
  • Hand Sanitizer, shampoo, toothbrush/paste,  lip protection balm, baby lotion, diaper cream, wipes, bibs,  chewable toffees, diaper bag, zip lock bags
  • Blanket, toys, books, colors, sticker books, travel pads, sketchbooks, washable markers, storybooks, crayons, other reading and writing materials
  • Plastic bag for dirty or wet clothing, umbrella, reading glasses, earplugs, nail clipper, stroller, pacifier, bottles, formula, sipper, cereal, flask , child carrier, favorite snack foods

Travel Checklist for Adults

Download Printable Travel Checklist (PDF Format)