In a dynamic and vast country like India it isn’t uncommon for people to own pets. Like our country’s differently cultured people, the kinds of pets that people own differ with regards to their type, breed, size, nature etc.

Although, when it comes to owning a pet or two, most people own either a cat or dog, sometimes both sometimes a couple of each.

However the modes of transportation which the country boasts of, most transportation doesn’t always cater to the requirements of our furry friends. Cats and dogs, pets in reference, need special care and attention when they travel.

The problems that accompanies while travelling with a pet  is widely known to pet owners who often need to move across the country on transferable jobs. What we as people don’t realize is that pets suffer on long journeys, and they can’t tell us what they are going through.

In order to make your pet’s journey a little easier, try reading the tips below:

Hydrate Your Pet:

In theory there are 3 modes of transport for pets: You can take them to a new place via flight wherein you’ll be charged on the basis of your pets’ weight, by train in the luggage van or by road in your own personal car. Whichever mode is used, it is necessary and important to hydrate your pet often when they travel. Long durations of time without water in any season can make them feel very uncomfortable.

Choose The Shortest Travel Mode For Your Pet:

During a journey, pets feel restricted because they are either locked in a cage (or pet taxi) or made to sit for hours. If you can afford to pay more and send your pet by flight, it will be better because your pet will have to experience a shorter travel time which in the end keeps them comfortable.

Vaccinate Your Pet And Keep Documents In Order:

When you book your pet on a train or flight, you never know if other pets will be around as well. It is thus important to keep all the paperwork for your pet intact and to make sure your pet is well vaccinated before it travels. This will serve as a better precautionary measure.