As women, we love and adore the small, medium and big sized pieces of jewellery we own. From our earrings to anklets to bracelets and chains, we need a piece or two every time we decide to go all out and dress up for an important occasion. It isn’t uncommon to believe that a dress can be made to look all the more better with the perfect pendant.

So, what do you do when you pack for a holiday? Or rather, what do you do when you pack for a business trip? Are you one of those women who feel insecure about carrying any precious jewel with her? And therefore you lock it all up at home before going on a voyage?

Well, your concerns can be laid to rest. Know that you can actually travel the world with all your favorite pieces of jewellery!

Shortlist what you’d like to carry

You probably have several pieces of accessories or jewellery. But you can’t carry it all with you on your next trip. So the first step is to shortlist the pieces you would need to wear while you are away.

Try and choose jewellery pieces that can easily be matched and worn with more than one outfit, because it will make your baggage lighter.

Always keep a cabin bag along with a check-in bag

Your suitcase will be booked as check-in luggage, if you are flying to your travel destination. But your handbag stays with you. Use this to your advantage; pack your precious jewellery in your hand luggage, so that it is hardly ever out of your sight while en route.

 In the event that you are travelling by car or train, the rule stays the same. Keep precious things in your handbag.

Spread your weight

Although it is safest to carry important and precious belongings in your hand luggage, remember that at the end of the day it depends on how much jewellery you are carrying with you. If you are carrying too many pieces, then it’s advisable to spread the weight. Keep some in your hand bag, and some in your suitcase. In this case make sure you have a reliable travel lock to lock your bag.

Do not be vocal about what precious items you are carrying

When you travel, there are hundreds of other travelers who travel with you. Like them, you do not know what they are carrying in their bags. And they do not know what you are carrying in yours. Even if you have packed precious jewellery in your bags, you are the only one who knows about it. So behave completely normal, while travelling and act like you are carrying nothing expensive. That way, you won’t attract too much attention to yourself, thus ensuring that your jewellery stays safe.