The new age woman likes to earn her money and splurge it in the best possible fashion. And travelling to various fascinating destinations in India or abroad has become a norm these days. Women prefer to travel with their gang of girls to destinations which are safe, fun and tourist friendly. Often single girls are frowned upon or face oppositions from their parents, if they travel to lesser known destinations.

So read on to find out more about tourist friendly destinations, that you can opt for this holiday season, the perfect get-away from the monotonous routine.

Women travelling alone are increasingly becoming common in India. Here we source out a few solo travel options in India:

  • Goa

This destination tops the list for any girl in the country. Whether travelling alone or with you girlie gang, you are sure to find this place nothing short of a paradise. With serene beaches, heritage structures in Old Goa, bakeries, beach shacks, pulsating night life, cruises, melt-in-your-mouth food at the cafes and eateries, trance parties and plethora of affordable hotels or resorts to park yourself by.

With plenty of cycles, scooties, bikes and cars readily available on rent, travelling around is just not an issue for the tourists. This place is, surely, a must-visit for all the girls wanting to let their hair down, with immense options for every kind of mood and soul.

  • Ladakh

Well, this destination is a must-try if you can keep up with the energy levels required in the high altitude trek. If you are in the pink of health, this place sure has to top your list. From visiting the unique monasteries, to quiet locales and superbly friendly locals, this place has it all.

With plenty of woman tours conducted to this destination, you could just bump into many like-minded adventurous women, painting the town red. Make sure you check out the climax scene, in the popular movie, 3 Idiots, which was shot in the picturesque Pangong Lake.