Editor’s Note: Friendship Day is here. A relationship so wonderful. Bust sometimes we cross that thin line. And then does it turn to love? Our member Malar2301 tells us more. Share your thoughts with us here.

Friendship – A relationship of our choice (Am I correct??). We have the freedom of choosing our friends based on our wish, wavelength, attitude and whatever. We hardly see EGO between any friends. We accept them as they are!! A friend is one who loves, cares, cries, fights, prays, etc., does everything for you. Be it a day or night, a friend is always at your sight.

Love – Is also a relationship of our choice (definitely yes!!). Our heart will thrive for them. Our eyes will look around for their presence. Our harms will tend to hold them. It makes the minds to adjust. 

We have loads and loads of quotes and poetries on love and friendships. I would say everyone in this world would have experienced both. In my experience, I feel that there is not much difference between a friend and a lover (except for sex…). Rather I can put this way – “Mentally Friendship and Love are one and the same”. Both Love and Friendship need good understanding for it to last forever. 


Possessiveness is in born with love – everyone say. Do we not have the same between friends as well? Aren’t we possessive when our close friend speaks or gives importance to someone else keeping us in presence?


Sacrifice takes place in friendship as well as love. Former one is the affection that makes his/her friend so comfortable. Later one is the love that makes the lover feel happy.


Our heart not only cries for the love, but also longs for a friend who leaves us during the course of life. Say we work together for years in a company and when one of them leaves for another company, don’t we miss them very much and don’t we cry when they depart? (Am I with you guys??)

Have we not heard about many of the friends, just because not to lose their good friendship, they enter into love? Behind that love lye the strong friendship. Friendship – that is needed in every love!!

When I saw Kuch Kuch Hota Hai movie (during my +1…) I was not able to accept that how come a friend becomes a lover. For me it seems to be not a friendship at all. A friend should always be a friend (how stupid I am ??). Later when I lost my friendship (be it before marriage or after marriage…be it a girl or boy) I realized that “friends who enter love is basically not to lose their friendship…moving to love and then to marriage will save their friendship…”

Buddies, whatever I shared here are purely my views. I do not say everyone will have the same feeling towards love and friendship. But I hope couple of them would be at least like me.