Editor’s Note: Social media has taken over our lives with a vengeance. While  it might have its positives, but sometimes it does get on people’s nerves. Our member Shalumurthy shares more with us. Tell us your thoughts here. 

After my colorful drama, I’m back and this time with a more serious matter in hand! And no, its absolutely not about Ebola nor it is about Gaza!! this is far beyond all!

And this epidemic is called, “Facebook”

Well, it seriously is! 

Facebook is one the most hip and happening social networking sites. It is so popular, that it is mandate to have an account for individuals, business and companies!! Facebook business is booming!! The simple motto that people love to gossip has spread and now has a reached such a level that I was shocked today!

I had a chance to peek into my brother in law’s phone today as he was browsing his FB! And I was surprised, shocked and frustrated, experiencing all three states of mind.

A good looking fellow had lost his loving dad! and that’s not bad to share as a status; knowing that it might reach to a larger audience since they would busy with the funeral. But I was shell shocked after I requested to look into his phone as my curiosity got the better of me! This so called good looking fellow had not jus stopped with the status update, he had uploaded pictures!

Now, you might ask what’s wrong with a picture of his dad!! Well, its not wrong but he had clicked and uploaded the picture of his dad in his death bed, with the garland and the cotton stuffed in his nose!!

I had to look twice just to make sure I was not dreaming. How can one find time amid the sorrow and pain caused due to the death of a loved one to click a picture of them in their death bed! Again, I’m self debating that the pic might have been clicked to remind themselves one last time of the departed as a memory but I’m just not able to swallow the fact that all those pleasant pictures would suit better for memories than the one in their death bed.

Uploading the pic in FB?? What is it that they wish to state through the status, I still don’t get it! Let me also not forget to mention the 30 likes and the 28 comments and 10 tags for this status!

What’s there to like a status about an obituary!! Shouldn’t we sorry for their loss; doesn’t the likes simply imply we are celebrating their loss, OMG!! or am I getting it wrong??

I do have friends who wish their own siblings in Facebook!! Siblings who reside in the same house!! why cant they just tell them in person, its a lot personal than FB!! 

Honoring the other person through a status makes sense, but why should you say ‘I love you’ to your husband in Facebook!! Another drama, which I find very funny! 

All this doesn’t mean, I don’t use Facebook! I do use but I don’t do this insane madness people do on FB.

I do share status, might be some inspirational quotes, I upload pictures mostly of outings and celebrations so that I could share the joy with my friends whom I don’t get to meet otherwise.

FB is such an interesting and lovely addition to our life, we get closer to friends and families though we may be miles apart, but this insanity has got to stop. 

If we want so much attention, why don’t we do something really good, innovate or at least dream!! They might takes us to places where even FB posts can’t!