I come from a very conservative state down south where even a boy and girl saying a Hi/Hello is enough cause for neighborhood gossip and the things that happened here. People had steamy affairs, drank surreptitiously watched adult stuff and since we had no discos in our state people went to Bangalore and party and come back and then talk ill about the girls there. So you can imagine the views I held about a prospective groom! It used to be scary to say the least!

Then I went out of my State for my post graduation and work and I saw a whole new world out there. I was baffled at first but then I realized that the so called “loose moralled”(read pub going, smoking and having affairs ) guys were actually more honest and straight forward than the double standard saints from my place. It took time for this realization to dawn on me. I got married a couple of years back and no guesses as to whom I married. It was easier to marry the “loose moral” guy as he was honest and straight forward and gave me no false dreams and I have no regrets.

99.99 % guys have at one point or the other tried doing smoking, drinking, dating a gal or watched porn. If anyone says he never tried his luck with a gal/ watch porn is a big red flag as curiosity about the opposite gender is a natural thing. And to be very honest, amongst the guys I know, the guys who professed to be the clean types were either plain liars or completely psyched up cases.

And one more thing is that there is no guarantee that the “clean habits” husband will not acquire all these bad habits later in life. I mean things such as drinking, having an extra marital affair etc. You never know! And all the filters of horoscope/background search you mention will not guarantee you a happy married life. I know of couples with perfectly matched horoscopes divorcing within a month and also people sticking with each other despite bad horoscopes. External appearance/degrees/salaries also do not guarantee happiness, maturity or wealth. And what you expect from a partner may not be what your parents look for. So first be very clear what you want from your partner. I guess most ladies look for a loving, caring and honest partner who can stand up for you always.