I’ve been reading so many stories of abusive husbands, manipulative in-laws, so I thought to share my story. I thought someone may find hope to get out of an abusive relationship by reading this.

Let’s begin from the beginning. I’m the youngest among 5 girls. I was always good at studies and that made me apple of my daddy’s eyes. Fast forward, I completed my MSc as a gold medalist and qualified CSIR-NET twice. Everything was great.

I started my PhD at IIT-Delhi, with field work in Haryana where my parents lived. I was all of 21 when I started PhD. Two years into PhD, my parents started looking for a good match for me. They even asked me if I had anybody in mind. I always had male friends (I’m still friends with guys I went to school with) but never a boyfriend. My parents knew all of my friends (girls and boys).

Anyway, I told my parents that I’d marry with whoever they choose but not until I finish my PhD. Working at two places and the hectic schedule at IIT-D was more than enough to keep me busy. They agreed until they found this ‘super awesome’ match.

The guy was from the same town, an MBBS doctor in Govt job. Within 10 days we’re married. It was an arranged marriage and I knew nothing about this guy (other than his qualification and whatever I could know in 30 min meeting). You’ll say why did you get marry? Well, just like any parents my parents wanted to ‘see me married before something happen to them’ (they’re both retired).