Editor’s Note: Marriage means a lot of things, and also a lot of kindness. Here are two real life stories that our member navs23 has narrated to us. If you have similar tales to tell us, then go on share them here. 

‘A good marriage is made up of thousands of kindness, day after day’.

Story 1

I would like to share two real life stories, stories about people, whom I am proud of, stories that inspire me to want to become a better person.

My mil’s, mil (grand mother) was a strong, determined and opinionated woman. She worked very hard and struggled a lot to bring up my fil and his siblings (fil’s dad had passed away when he was young). So, when my mil got married, she instantly had to bear the brunt of grandmother’s anger and bitterness. Mil is a very patient woman and endured everything. Then, when grand mother fell sick and was completely bed ridden, mil stepped up. She took care of the old woman like no one else could, even when all that she got were rants and curses. Though grandmother had become physically bed ridden, she still hated her dil with all her might. Mil did her duties, far beyond what a dil could do and kept grandma fed, clothed, cleaned and tended to. She showed no signs of disgust, never complained and went on doing her duty until grand mother passed away one day. Even in the last minute, there was no love, gratitude or even silence(or respect) from grand mother, she hated her dil till the very end. 

Mil’s kindness towards her spouse (by taking care of his mother) and towards her mil (who had abused her so much) really shook me. I do not know if I can be half as good as she had been, but am mighty proud of her and wish some of her kindness rubs off on me.