Editor’s Note: We stand in front of the fire and repeat what the priest tell us to. But how many of us really understand the meaning behind them? Our member rajinitk4 helps us to. Share your views with us here. 

Marriage is a unison of two totally different souls in to one body. The couple may have totally different tastes, different circumstances of growing up. To have a strong marriage both have to ensure to bring balance of each others traits.

Hindu wedding rituals and 7 marriage vows itself specify what the couple has to do for a strong marriage.

Share the household responsibilities (The lady may be home maker or working) the responsibilities have to be shared by both

Acquire happiness through mutual love, respect and trust.

Raise strong, virtuous and courageous children.

Stay best friends in this lifelong wedlock.

The wife has to become a minister when coming to give advice to husband. Wife has to understand the situation and give timely unbiased and apt advice.

The wife has to understand husband’s needs like a mother and provide timely services.

The wife needs to have good sense of humour to cheer up husband when he is down.

The wife needs to be a mentor/motivator when required and motivate husband to achieve his goals.

The wife should never ever talk low about husband to him or any outsider. always project a positive image.

If needed point his mistakes in a subtle way(ensuring not to hurt his ego) and guide him rightly.

Never expect him to understand you 100%. If he does not explain to him rather than nagging him and fighting with him.

Give him his personal space.

Don’t expect him to share every detail with you. If you feel you need to know something gain his confidence to make him share it with you.

Marriage is like cooking a dish. If all the ingredients are proper and balanced only the dish turns out good. Similarly marriage will be successful if we can balance all emotions and bring out the best of both husband and wife.

Marriage is like playing doubles match. Where the partners have to focus on the strengths of the partners and highlight them and take advantage of the situations based on the strengths to achieve success