Editor’s Note: 14th February is round the corner. Love is in the air. Despite the chill in the air, that’s making every one warm. I am sure you have started planning for the day too. What’s this year going to be? the usual? Cards, roses, gifts and dining out? Or a proimise that you will make everyday a Valentine’s day for yourself and your partner?

This is what one of our members, Anandchitra had contributed. 

Why wait for February to celebrate a romance which can be and should be celebrated every day? Romancing your spouse is daily affair and does not need occasion or even expensive gifts.

Romance is all about both of you feeling special and sharing surprise gifts. Even the most inexpensive one leads to closeness. Many gifts can also be handmade.There really is no need to buy expensive ones or spend money buying fancy flower arrangements or expensive jewelry.

Romance can be a lot of fun when treated lightly and we do not make too much out of it. Small ways to let our spouse know we are thinking of him / her. Knowing his favorite hobby we can send links, paper cuttings or even a gift card to show we care. Aware of his reading habits we can send him updates on his favorite author or link to current news articles.The list is really endless when we think about it.

Sometimes when I just hang out with hubby in the yard while he rakes the leaves, there seems to be a calm quiet content feeling in the air which follows us indoors while we share a cuppa tea. It is just that when we are so caught up with our daily routine and sometimes too tired that we put things off for a later date.

Well friends the time is now for sure so let us at this moment show how much we care.  

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