Editor’s Note: Separation is not easy for the mind,the heart or the soul. They leave us bitter. They leave us scarred. And picking up the pieces and starting all over again is never easy. But sometimes moving on seems to be the only option. Our member nisha75 shares her thoughts with us. What do you think? Write to us here. 

Marriage is an social institution for building relationship & building block of the family & society, when heart’s are broken nothing can be done to undo it, except retaining it for rest of Life in memories that never fade.

The rate of divorce increasingly spoken in media, India having divorces 11 out of 1000 marriage’s. What? i feel now-a-days, Divorce is beyond religious or cultural perception. Thoughts and the way of life in this demanding materialistic world has pushed human relationship particularly matrimonial relationship in high stress. Even those who are not opting for divorce are under pressure in managing their matrimonial relationship.

Let us live together and never step forward / happen to separate, making it fate. Everyone cannot be perfect and everyone cannot expect perfection from each other, everyone is trying to be perfect in one’s sense, but the world has multi-dimensional views. One may find best thing in the other that he/she likes, at same time one can find the worst thing that he/she may dislike. Cope up with it, till you can… 

Divorce is a word spoken far less but when it happens its too much to talk about it. Is it a end to a problem or beginning of problems. It may a end the problem, but may also be a new beginning regarding child custody. The problems faced by the family members in this process are unlimited including mental depression and war of words.

Have they entered into forced marriage. Is there anything like marriage of convenience. Why not people get adjusted with one another? let them discuss & come to a conclusion. what for they want/need to separate? is it a individuals problem? is this problem raised from one’s expectation? is it a problem that is faced by the society due to change cultural adaptability and financial prowess. Has the women’s gender equality campaign has given different course of path to divorce? or is the male dominant society is giving way to end relationship?

Divorce is indeed need of a partner when he/she cannot live in harmony with each other in long-term. It’s not a choice but an option. Divorce is not a tool to dissolve marriage in a fashionable way. Never take divorce for everything & anything. You can make it legitimate but things happens never returns to yesterday, yesterday had gone look for the future to find solution to the problem being faced and not an end to relationship. Encourage the well-being of partners in a mutually beneficial, understanding & sharing way of life, consistent to their religion & culture.