On Valentine’s Day, it is difficult for everyone to make a decision on what is the best gift one could give to their loved ones. Husbands are struggling to find out what is the best gift they could give to their respective wife and wives are thinking aloud to find what gift would make their respective husband happy.

Women are brilliant and can handle any situation with confidence. So in this article, the gift suggestions are limited only to respected women members of IL for their spouses.

1.  Mood Meter –

As soon as the husband parks his vehicle back home, he should be able to activate a wireless device that would read the mood of his spouse inside the house.

This will be really handy for him to walk in and say things like “You must be tired after a long day” “What can I do to help you?” “Now that I am here, you can relax, honey” and so on.

2. Smart Responder –

This should be like a smart phone, a wireless device that activates upon a question being asked by the wife about anything. For example, if the question is, “Can you imagine your life without me around?” this device should flash a response, “I really can’t, honey. I wish you are always around as long as I live.”

3. Marital Calendar –

It is an electronic device that reminds the husband about the most important events such as wedding anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day and children’s birth day. This will facilitate the man of the house to smile first thing in the morning, give a hug and be the first person to wish.

4. Flower Maker –

Despite all of the above electronic devices, men are always forgetful. Either they might end up switching off the devices or despite the reminder, forget to fulfill their duties. Hence, this equipment upon selecting a category and by a push of a button would immediately make flowers to the husband so that he could apologize and present those beautiful flowers.

5. Verbalizer –

This is a simple electronic device that text verbal responses to the husbands who are in dire needs of words. Many times, when the wife asks questions that are most unexpected, the husband struggle for words and excuses.

This Verbalizer should have a collection of words and excuses and should record the question from wife and provide instant response into the Bluetooth device fixed in his ears.

6. Mediator –

When the husband makes a major mistake and the wife is extremely mad at the husband, this electronic device should give significant clues as to how to reconcile with wife quickly. It should function like a mediator and provide constant help until such time the husband manages to bring smile back to his wife.

7. Appearance scanner –

This is the most important electronic device of all. It is actually a lens that is fit in the eyewear frame that instantly scans wife’s appearance and analyzes it with her previous appearances. This will help the husband to immediately say things like, “You look really nice with your new hairstyle” “Who did your eyebrows? It looks really nice” “Where did you buy this? You look really stunning” and so on.