Making Love, in order to conceive, and also making love post-childbirth, remains quite a researched topic. However, what is less spoken about is making love during pregnancy.

Here are some answers for you.

Safety during Pregnancy

The first thing here is that once you are pregnant the nature of your love life will change. Your spouse and you need to be open and comfortable about it. As your belly size increases you might also have to experiment with different positions based on your comfort level. Having said this, yes it is safe to make love at all stages of pregnancy, provided your pregnancy is a normal one. A normal pregnancy is one where the below risks are not there.

It is best to consult your gynecologist to find out whether you fall in this group or not before engaging in any activity.


  • History of miscarriage
  • Have previously delivered pre term babies before 37 weeks
  • Sudden contractions / cramps or a discharge / bleeding from the vagina
  • Leak of the amniotic fluid
  • Low lying placenta
  •  Carrying multiple fetuses

Types Unsafe during Pregnancy

  • Avoid oral, because if your spouse tends to blow into your vagina then it can cause air embolism. This is a situation where an air bubble can block a blood vessel, which could be fatal for both the unborn child and also the mother.
  • Avoid any contact with a partner who may have a sexually transmitted disease (STD), like warts in the genital, herpes etc. This is because any such contact can transmit the same to your baby through you, and its consequences could be adverse.