The umbilical cord wrapped around a baby’s neck (nuchal cord) is not an uncommon phenomenon. This is, however, usually not detected until the delivery time.

Diagnosing this during an ultrasound in the initial stages of pregnancy is rare because it cannot be detected by a black and white ultrasound scanner. For this a special colour machine is needed. And if it does get detected then don’t panic because it does not pose a threat of damaging your baby. This is because your baby will keep moving inside thereby wrapping and unwrapping the cord many times.

However, once the detection is done then your doctor will check you more often. This is because if there is a decrease in the amniotic fluid then it becomes a case of concern

If the cord is wrapped around your baby’s neck, and you are in labour then the doctor will opt for one the two situations:

  • If it is wrapped multiple times then it might be clamped and cut. During this time you will be asked not to push. But a normal delivery is possible post that.
  • If the wrapping is causing a drop in the foetal heart rate then a caesarean is most likely

Since a cord around a baby’s neck is a fairly common phenomenon don’t get too anxious about the situation. Your doctor will know what is best for you.