Editor’s Note: The next one? Wondering how you will manage? Read on to get some easy practical advice from our IL members.

When you are pregnant for the second time it is possible that you will feel anxious about how to handle your first born. Here are some ways to deal with the situation.

Handling Your Body

If you are pregnant for the second time very soon after your first delivery, then do ask your doctor whether your body can take the stress.

Unless the doctor advices you, it is alright to pick up your first child till early into the second trimester

Managing Your First Born

Start telling your first child, if she is old enough to understand, about the new baby that is coming by pointing towards your bulging belly

Show her the scanned picture of the child growing inside you or even take her for a check up.

You might not feel energetic all the time. Keep enough toys and kid’s books which will occupy your first child during these moments.

Arrange for help well before you go into labour. Nothing like it if someone who you trust can come and stay with you during this period. Getting a maid or nanny might not be affordable all the time. In such cases ask a family member to come and help out.

Ask your husband to start spending more time with her so that she does not feel left out. And you use your lying down times to keep bonding with her.

Many women do it. So don’t feel too anguished. It is doable. And with some amount flexibility on your part and good nutrition and exercise, you will sail through.

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